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DEEPER GREEN has been nominated for the first quarter of 2016th "Preis Der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik",

the german record critics award !

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Christof May - (bass)clarinet, saxophones & production

Florian Zenker - guitar & coproduction

Bob Wijnen - keys

Jens Loh - bass

Eric Hoeke - drums & electronics

featuring Nils Petter Molvær on trumpet and Susanne Abbuehl, voice

read the liner notes by Dr Michael Tucker

This CD consists mainly of free improvisations by the instrumentalists, which were later merged into one big suite of about one hour of music. The only notated musical element is the theme of Lonely Woman by Ornette Coleman. Later on in the process, poems by Emily Brontë, recited by singer Susanne Abbuehl have been recorded and merged into the suite.

After his first album “Maygus”, which appeared as Vol. 20 of the Jazzthing Next Generations series and contained a significant amount of free improvisation, Christof May decided to go deeper into this approach to creating music. This time he focused on recording extemporized material not solely to document the creative process, but in a studio situation with ideal audio conditions.

For this project, May invited his proven sidemen Florian Zenker, Bob Wijnen and Eric Hoeke together Christof May; Nils Petter Molvaer; 2009; Portraitwith new bass player Jens Loh and Norwegian trumpet legend Nils Petter Molvær to the Wisseloord studios in Hilversum/ The Netherlands. Big credits go to drummer/sound-wizard Eric Hoeke for his ever-surprising loops. Seven hours of spontaneously emerged music were recorded, along with some written music.

Inspired by the concept of “spoken word”, Susanne Abbuehl then selected and recorded some poems by Emily Brontë that suited the intense atmosphere of the music.

In a long and diligent editing process, May, together with co-producer Florian Zenker, composed the suite into it’s present form.

The mix was performed by Jan Eric Kongshaug, the founder of the well known Rainbow Studio in Oslo and co-creator of the legendary ECM-sound.

The result is this unique album, “Deeper Green”, combining the ad lib soundtrack of an extraordinary studio session and the beautiful language of Emily Brontë with the creative act of forming a one hour journey through very different musical spheres with outstanding sound- quality and design.