besides my own project Deeper Green, I am involved in all kinds of different ensembles and orchestras.
Some of these projects I would like to present here:

Brendan Faegre’s Edge Ensemble

The Brendan Faegre Edge Ensemble (BFEE) challenges the boundaries between notation and improvisation. With a group of performers from diverse musical backgrounds including jazz, contemporary, classical and early music, they explore the new sonic territory where these traditions meet.

The ensemble has performed in venues around the Netherlands, been broadcast on Dutch Radio 4, and given world premiere performances of over 10 compositions. The ensemble is currently the 2014-15 Ensemble-in-Residence with Gaudeamus, and commissions new works continuously.


Mezcolanza was  founded in 2013 by pianist  and composer Peter Wenk.

The Style of the  band is already in the name-Mezcolanza means “mix”, and that’s precisely what we do. We are looking up the traditions of jazz, funk and afro-caraibian music and  mix it with nowadays popular styles of  Nu-Jazz and Crossover. The result is groovy improvised music with a lot of latin influences and much space for interaction.

Walton / Van Duinen Tango Quintet

The Walton/Van Duinen Quintet has a unique line-up: bandoneon, saxophone, (bass) clarinet, guitar and double bass. With two wind instruments we have a rich palette of musical colors at our disposal. It makes for a combination of the sharpness of tango and the relaxed freedom of jazz. The main part of the repertoire consists of original Walton/Van Duinen compositions. On top of that we play some highlights from the work of Astor Piazzolla.


papaver is a project of eurythmist Magali Müller-Peddinghaus and Christof May. The combination of different solo woodwind instruments and the moving art of eurythmy offers many musical choices, from Stravinsky’s solo pieces for clarinet via Bach’s cello suites, played on baritone saxophone to own compositions and productions involving several instruments in a multimedia setting. Take a look at the video displayed on the linked site.